Sun Is Peeking Out!


As many of you know, many children with special needs have delays in multiple aspects of their lives. Too often, a limitation in one area limits progress in another. However, sometimes, with a little patience, good things come to those who wait. One of our children had been attending therapy at STARS for quite awhile with good progress toward her goals, but it was slow. Initially, she didn’t feed herself, dress herself, crawl, or talk. After I helped with the Music Magic workshop presented by Dustin’s Paw, I decided to incorporate two of the same songs from the workshop with each treatment session as a motivator for this child. Within a few weeks, this little one was hooked! She would take my hands and place them to my face to initiate a song about the sun peeking out. During this time, I saw her motivation with her goals steadily increase. One day, after she decided she was not going to participate in a strengthening activity, Prairie and Ovelle came in to say hi. She began to babble to the dogs and participate in the strengthening activity. With this motivation and more practice, it was a short time until she was crawling on her own and trying to put on her own socks. The way this child responded to the songs and dogs with increased motivation was inspiring to watch. I thank Dustin’s Paw for sharing tools to encourage this child in therapy. I saw this child make gains in speech, physical, and occupational therapy over the past few months; and I look forward to watching her continue to progress. She brings surprises every week. Last week, instead of putting her hand over my eyes for the sun peeking out song, she said, “Peek.”

Kimberly A. List, Occupational Therapist