Sitting Up!


I am a Physical Therapist at STARS Pediatrics and Jumpstart and used to work with a little girl with cerebral palsy who was also cortically blind. She didn’t tolerate lying on her tummy much but would when she was able to be near Prairie and Ovelle. Over the course of therapy, we worked on rolling and other various floor mobility activities to encourage her to hold her head up, move her head from side to side and sit up. For example, we had her roll from one dog to the other with her reward being “snuggle” time with one of the dogs. She would also beccome upset due to GI issues and would calm more quickly when placed by either Prairie or Ovelle.

Stephanie Rock, Physical Therapist

Note: A tribute to therapy team work! By Christmas of 2009 this little girls was sitting in a chair, however, the back needed to be tilted for her to hold her head up. By Spring of 2010 she was keeping her head up for longer periods of time but still needed a special high back chair with belt for support. By Christmas 2010 she was sitting up on her own in a cube chair with no support! And, by summer of 2011 she was sitting up on her own in a child-sized therapy chair as the picture shows.