I am a Physical Therapist here at STARS Pediatrics and Jump Start. I have been working with a little boy with Down Syndrome for over a year who is just FULL of personality and spunk. He can at times be very stubbornly shy. But he does love Ovelle and Prairie! During Christmas this past year, when he was being particularly stubborn and refusing to participate in his strengthening activities, we had the idea that he could be Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and pull Ovelle on the sleigh (a scooter board)! He took to the plan eagerly and donned his reindeer antlers. We strapped a belt around his waist and he began to pull Ovelle all over the building, walking forwards and then backwards so he could see Ovelle! What a great workout! And to top it off, it looked like so much fun that one of his friends who was watching wanted a turn at being Rudolf as well!!

Christine Hatab, Physical Therapist