Joy On His Face Is Priceless!

Motivation is a big issue in working with kids with special needs. I have a patient (5 years old and non-verbal) who I was trying to motivate to communicate appropriately using an assistive technology device. (The DynaVox V Max). I was having very little success until we introduced Prairie and Ovelle. We programmed a page on the device for him to be able to tell the dogs to tricks. He chooses a dog, what he wants the dog to do, says please and when they have successfully completed the task he says, “Good job.” For example, “Prairie, jump, please . . .Good job!” The joy on his face when he knows he has been able to successfully tell the dogs to do something is priceless!! This would not be possible without Prairie and Ovelle and the motivation they bring to kids. They make a difference!

Amber Gresham, Speech/Language Pathologist