A Toilet Puller?

Today at work Prairie had a very unusual job request. One of his boys was stuck in the bathroom and did NOT want to get off the toilet. For whatever reason, this boy had been sitting on that toilet and screaming for 30 minutes. Finally, I called in Prairie. Da-doot-da-doo! It’s Praiire to the rescue! Swooping into the bathroom in his usual “save the day” posture, he engaged his charge in a little super hero talk.

Prairie: What’s the problem here?
Boy: I don’t want to get off the toilet and I am going to sit here all day!
Prairie: Whoa! This is serious! Your rear end is going to freeze off! This is a job for the “Toilet Puller!”
Boy: What’s that?
Prairie: I’ll show you. Diane, would you get me my toilet puller, please.
(Diane returns with Prairie’s colorful CCI leash and attaches it to Prairie’s collar.)
Prairie: Here’s what you do. Hold on to the end of my leash with both hands and I’ll save you! Are you ready, boy? Let’s do it!

Prairie backed up and up off that toilet seat came the boy! Success in less than 5 minutes! Today, Diane acted as Prairie’s voice but many times he communicates with his children using an AbleNet Communication Switch. And, that Occupational Therapist would be me! Not only did Prairie get the boy off the toilet he brough a smile to my face!

Kim List, Occupational Therapist