Awards and Grants


Among our most treasured awards are the handmade cards, pictures and gifts from our children. Some hang on our refrigerator held by magnets that were a gift from one of the Speech Therapists with whom we work. Others are carefully preserved for days when we need encouragement.


Ovelle and Prairie’s work scarves bear the names of special people (even dogs) whose memory family or friends want to “live” through the work that Ovelle and Prairie do with special needs children. In other cases, the scarves bear the names of living individuals (even dogs) that family and friends want to honor through the work Ovelle and Prairie do. Most everyday someone will ask who that person is and we are always pleased to share how that person has touched our lives.


Placement of Canine Companion for Independence Skilled Companions and Facility Dogs

Some of our proudest moments have come when those we have worked with receive their own Canine Companion for Independence Dog.

Saratoga Sub-acute Children’s Hospital, Scribbles and Giggles and Children’s Recovery Center

Presented With Our Sincere Appreciation and Gratitude to Diane Rampelberg and “Ovelle”

For Your Creativity,
Resourcefulness and Tenacity
In Reaching Out to Each
Of Our Kids.

Your Tireless Commitment,
Which Will Never Be
Replaced or Forgotten
Has Touched So Many of
Our Kids and Has Truly
“Turned Challenges into Miracles.”

You Are The Best!

Other Awards